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Adult Smileys and Emoticons installer updated!

We've updated our Adult Emoticons and Display Pictures installer with better support for MSN and Live Messenger!

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This update includs the brand new option of automatically adding all of the Adult Emoticons and Adult Display Pictures into your Messenger!

The automatic installer is a bonus option and you can ignore it if you wish, it works with MSN Messenger and also Windows Live Messenger. It is a lot easier than manually adding all of the adult avatars and emoticons to MSN, and you'll be able to use the emoticons and Display Pics within a few seconds.

In this update we've also fixed up several of the animated adult smileys that had some minor animation issues with MSN and Live Messenger. They should now work as expected.

Stay tuned as we'll be making more updates, including many brand new sexy smileys and emoticons!

Adult Smileys and Emoticons installer updated! (Adult Emoticons) posted on 08 Mar 2007
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