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Sad Emoticons - Page 3

anguish emoticon
upset face emoticon
Upset Face
blue emoticon
river of tears emoticon
River of Tears
sorry blue emoticon
Sorry Blue
cry emoticon
sad penguin emoticon
Sad Penguin
sad rain cloud emoticon
Sad rain cloud
classic sad smiley face emoticon
Classic Sad Smiley Face
walking penguin emoticon
Walking Penguin
crying sorry emoticon
Crying Sorry
sad baby penguin emoticon
Sad Baby Penguin
sad baby emoticon
Sad Baby
i want my mommy emoticon
I Want My Mommy
money hand off emoticon
Money Hand Off
crying bee emoticon
Crying Bee
sick and feverish emoticon
Sick and Feverish
cheered up emoticon
Cheered UP
sad text emoticon
Sad Text
crying bitterly emoticon
Crying Bitterly
crying cloud emoticon
Crying Cloud
sadness emoticon
wailing emoticon
crying out emoticon
Crying Out
giving me the blues emoticon
Giving me the Blues
sad symbol emoticon
Sad Symbol
oh god meme emoticon
Oh God Meme
sad no emoticon
Sad No
saddened emoticon
can't find it emoticon
Can't Find it
not happy emoticon
Not Happy
sad mood ring emoticon
Sad Mood Ring
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Recent Comments:

shoutout daturahill, helped me thru depression!

in suicide on 20 Oct, 2022

this is me right now :(

in big smiley... on 20 May, 2021

As blue as it can get with saying goodbye...

in cute blue... on 15 Mar, 2021

how do I include or attach to an email? When I copy and paste it there is no...

in crying with... on 20 Feb, 2021

here is two ASCII ART version of head-shot emojis: ⊂( ・∀・)...

in headshot... on 20 Jan, 2021
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